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Is Internet of Things (IoT) the next big thing?

It’s hard to say if IoT is THE next big thing but one thing is for sure, IoT is going to be a big deal. With estimates predicting the number of connected devices to reach a monstrous figure of over 20 billion by 2025, its no wonder many people are wanting to figure out what exactly fits under this IoT umbrella.

The Future of IoT lies in the challenges it faces.

To imagine how fast the IoT world will blossom we have to look at some of the challenges people face. Although the issues listed below aren’t nearly all inclusive, they were the most prominent ones I faced in my work.


Many people use IoT devices without even knowing it. My point being that if you went up to a person who owned an Amazon Echo or Google Home, more likely than not they would be able to tell you what the device does with a fair bit of accuracy. On the other hand I doubt that many of them would know that these devices fall under the category of an IoT device. The IoT umbrella is massive but people being aware that any device that can communicate with another and share data falls under this umbrella would be a big first step to creating awareness. Once knowledge of IoT reaches the general public, amazing ideas such as NoiseAware and Sense will garner more attention, expanding the IoT market.


Working in hospitality, an industry seeing major growth in the use of IoT devices, I’ve noticed that IoT tech has the potential to solve many problems faced in the industry. Working towards solving these issues, one of the biggest barriers I was faced with was concern over privacy. Management and leadership are hesitant to pull triggers on these projects because they fear guests will have a negative reaction to the collection of data during their stay.

These issues have plagued technology in general since technology has been around and it seems unlikely the concern is going to go away anytime soon. The best hope is for people to realize the risk they are at (which is minimal) and for companies in the industry to be trustworthy and protect their customers information. As knowledge surrounding what these devices actually do and how the data is used, these concern should ease up.

Asset Management

IoT devices aren’t terribly expensive to manufacture but the trouble with cost arises from managing the plethora of device you’ve created. Deploying devices in a variety of environments (though useful as it is) comes with certain challenges. A percent of devices are bound to have some issues, either with the hardware, firmware, or the environment and this can lead to expensive solutions if your devices are locate across a large geographic expanse. The firmware issues are sometimes solvable if you are able to perform over the air updates but that’s not always possible and if the problem is with the hardware you’ll need to be there in person or a you’ll need a new device, both these cost can add up. As IoT specific hardware gets better and developers have more experience with them these issues should occur less frequently which would be a huge plus.

IoT will be a big deal and its innovation will shape the direction technology takes but to what degree is still to be determined. These simple ideas offer practical solutions to real world problems that many businesses and consumers face and thus the future is exceptionally bright from my point of view. As I work towards creating more devices and dive deeper into this industry I fully expect this industry to grow and for me to grow with it.

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