IoT Innovations Helping Protect Neighborhoods

When reading my daily load of Facebook articles, one of the articles that showed up caught my attention. It reports on the following: In Houston, recently new cameras are being installed instead of cross section cameras. All these do really is monitor the traffic and help adjust the traffic light sequence and timing.

The new cameras, made by Flock Safety, are an innovative connected devices that can process images fast enough to be able to read off plate numbers and only send specific information back to the host.


This is a perfect example of the best usage of IoT technology that enables security and brings safety back to neighborhoods without the need to spend extraordinary amount of capital.

Let us deeply think about this innovative company. They are thinking ahead of the game. Their approach is different than your ordinary security companies whether their main focus is on delivering whatever is happening and the rest is on you. Instead, Flock Safety, monitors the streets anytime and only captures the important stuff, such as plate number, number of times visited, last seen, is it a resident, the color and make of the car.

Even in the darkest of nights, Flock Safety can capture the plate numbers.

With this much data, if anything was to happen in the neighborhood, the police would be beyond satisfied with the information and could possibly lead to an arrest the same moment a crime occurs.

Don’t be afraid of technology such as those, as I will address the elephant in the room. Will the government be spying on me and my neighborhood. Can this turn into a disaster where it could put someone who is innocent behind bars?

Capturing a non-resident.

Let’s think about the assumptions we are making. One, are we that important for the government to use their resources to be able to know how many times we drove in our own neighborhood or the public streets? Plus, can I not just sit there with a camera in my hand and record you every time you come out of your property since now you are in the public view? Imagine the benefits this can bring rather than the cons. Think about what it can do when you come home and find out that your house was robbed. More than likely Flock Safety cameras were able to capture their plate numbers and it is just a matter of minutes to figure out who did it.

Now I see where we can assume that the neighbor’s cousin who came to visit for the first time in the neighborhood is also a suspect, but with police intelligence and further investigation. This can easily be alleviated as an innocent person who just happened to be in the neighborhood would be mistakenly taken into custody as the camera is just a way of saying “there was a man sitting across the street and he saw a car drive by very fast and he remembered the plate number, and color of the car.” It could also be an innocent person who had nothing to do with the robbery, but the police will do their investigation and due diligence. We can have more faith into our justice system at this point.

The camera looks to be solar powered and no need for intervention at that point.

From my point of view, at the beginning of 2018, I have experienced a drive by shooting. No one was able to capture the car and get any information other than the car was black and a sports car. Now a camera such as the Flock Safety one could have easily recorded the plate numbers and further information which could have lead to an arrest and not have our entire neighborhood under distress.

Seeing this technology take off is a wonderful achievement for the entire IoT community and in particular for Flock Safety for taking the measures and lead to protect our neighborhoods!

We are not affiliated or paid by Flock Safety to write this article. We are simply a fan of their product and want to learn more about the future of such products. Please feel free to leave your feedback!

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