IoT Adds a Hidden Value to Everyday Products

What is a hidden value? Glad you asked. It is when you are shopping for tomatoes at Walmart and you go back home to find out that the tomatoes carry a tag on them that automatically notifies you when they are about to expire. You see, you had no idea that the tomatoes are going to have such a component to them and they added a tremendous hidden value to them. Now, you go back to Walmart to purchase more tomatoes a week later and what do you buy? Of course the ones with the tag that automatically sends you a text message when they are about to go bad.

Internet of Things does an amazing job of adding that hidden value that establishes a long lasting customer for your product.

On a more personal experience, I had recently purchased a new truck, 2019 Ram 1500. When dealing with the sales person at the dealership there has been talks about the engine, the lights, the handling and so on. But not once was any mention of any other added value. A value very superior to any other, relatively. Decided to purchase the truck, and was signing off on the loan paperwork. While signing off, at the dealership’s finance office. The nice lady there said “oh and by the way, your truck comes with Theft Patrol, a free added GPS tracking system for the rest of the truck’s life.” For a minute, I thought this is too good to be true so just completely ignored it and simply said “thanks!”

Brought the truck home, and into the evening. Pulled out the paperwork for a quick review and storage. Among them was the paper to sign up for the Theft Patrol and instructions to download the Theft Patrol app. Did follow all the steps and boom! Was able to see my vehicle’s information on the phone, LIVE!

Wait what? How come I was not told about this. Wait a minute. I was told about this and I ignored it because I did not understand the benefits. This is the hard facts about IoT, from a consumer point of view. It is very hard to see the benefits until you use it.

This app changed everything. Simple, yes. But yet so helpful and adds an extra layer of security that I get to enjoy so much!

Simply, I added an alert for every time the vehicle registers a motion alert. I travel often and I received a motion alert, someone had moved my truck from my garage and into the street. I was quickly able to let my family take care of it and put the truck back away from the street for protection.

Did some more research. This was all able to be done by Theft Patrol and Elastic M2M. I invite you to check them out! They provide these services mainly for dealership to keep their investments protected and ensure that each car has its own GPS coordinates in case of theft. But since the device is already there, why not just hand it off to the consumer for FREE. Amazing job! Truly what IoT is all about.

We are not affiliated or paid by any of the mentioned third-party companies to write this article. We are simply a fan of their products and want to learn more about the future of such products. Nothing on here that we recommend that we would not use ourselves. Please feel free to leave your feedback!

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