IoT for Managers and Business Owners

IoT is the next big thing and number of companies researching and developing IoT products are increasing. This increase has spread the awareness of phrase Internet of Things or IoT, but majority doesn’t know what that is and how can IoT improve business operations.

Initially I went out sharing with my friends that IoT is the next big thing and it will be a game changer for how operations work. What I noticed were some confused and curios faces how it works. Making an assumption that they just like to work and manage business the way it is so I reached out to some small businesses who are always looking to optimize their process using technology. When I mentioned IoT, I saw excitement but still confused face.

This is where I learned how IoT can be explained in simple words. It is a combination of small devices that collects data and software’s that presents useful data. An example of IoT implementation would be to add a sensor at the entrance of a retail business, this can be used to collect the data for number of customers entering the store. Looking at sensor data, the number of employees, number of transactions and size of transaction can assist manager with how many employees should be present at a certain time to improve average transaction size. When employees should take breaks.

There is a lot more where IoT can help. Let’s keep that discussion for next post and share what problem can IoT solve for you.

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