Smart Physical Key Management System with A.I. for your Home or Business

Concept Description

  • System will keep track of your patterns of keys that are being picked up and will remind you if you forgot to pick up a key or a key is missing
  • Advanced security system to snap a picture and a short video footage of anyone who picks up or drops off the keys
  • If you are using a smart access system that utilizes RFID to enter a building or a room, the key management system can make a temporary access key for visitors and can issue an access key for frequent users. It can then change the access credentials for those who do not return the keys.
  • Voice activated for home use and for business use can include a fingerprint access
  • Reminders can be included for those who pick up a key or drop off a key. Ex. You wanted your son to remember to pick up his sandwich before going to class, just add a note and the device will be sure to remind your son before issuing the keys.
  • Housekeeping checklist when keys are to be return. The housekeepers would need to ensure that everything on the checklist is checked off before they can return the key and leave.
  • Tampering and security alerts are sent directly to the owners.
  • Security monitoring of the property, such as motion sensors, proximity sensors, vibration, light and more sensors are added to enhance your current security system. The device can learn from patterns and if it detects an out of the ordinary activity it can alert you and activate a local alarm.
  • Let us know the amount of keys you would like to store, there is no limit and it can always be expanded. Like building a Lego House!
  • We program the system in according to your needs, if there is something else you would like to program. We can always push an Over the Air update to the system to add a feature that you might like to see. We can even change the hardware design if you would like!
  • Bluetooth, WiFi and even SIM 4G capabilities. If none are available where you intend to install this device, we will work with you to provide an internet connection even if we have to communicate with Satellite Systems!

This is a conceptual idea that can be turned into a real product after a party requests to have us build it. In no way do we imply or state that this is a physical product that is available to purchase. All of the designs and pictures included are models and/or prototypes we have made for our own testing. If this is a product you are interested in having built for your needs, please reach out to us with the concept product name and we would be more than happy to build it for you.

Concept Product Ideas

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