The Wireless World

As technology grows exponentially a big part of the discussion is starting to revolve around convenience. To accommodate this there is almost no doubt that wireless technology is the future, but can our devices ever be truly wireless?

The AirPods launched by Apple in 2016 were a milestone product. Even through truly wireless earbuds/headphones were available prior to this, Apple was the first major brand to adopt them and thus revolutionize the industry. Now everyone is making their own versions and some are even making straight up copies. Why was this product so successful? I attribute it to two reasons. Firstly, Apple as a company is a marketing genius with an extremely loyal customer base, most things they produce will sell no matter if they have certain short comings. Secondly, the transition to wireless headphone was almost inevitable, the ease of use and practicality of them were too major for consumers to not get hooked. Now there are rumors that Apple is in the works to get rid of the lightning port as well, making for a truly wireless phone, though these rumors are far from confirmed.

Samsung also took a leap forward when they introduced the ability for its phones to charge other Qi enabled devices, further making life easier for their consumer. This gave their customers the ability to charge their Galaxy Buds or a friends phone without the need of any wires, absolutely anywhere.

These steps taken to enhance consumer convenience will define the next wave of technology products, but on the flip-side more convenience generally correlates with higher costs to the consumer. The giants of technology will have to find the balance to ensure their products are successful. As far as a truly wireless world goes, there is no doubt in my mind that it is the future we are heading towards. How soon we get there remains to be seen. As always we greatly appreciate feedback, please let us know your thoughts!

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