Great List of Internet of Things Resources

We work with all the major components of the list written by Halim Qarroum. Involving the new world of IoT, there is no one-in-all solution that can do it all. Rather, it is the inter-working of all of the listed resources and projects that are both started privately and open-sourced, for the community and by the community.

Here is a short summary of the copied list of our favorite items. The link is at the bottom of the page.


  1. Arduino
  2. BeagleBoard
  3. Dragonboard
  4. Particle
  5. Raspberry Pi
  6. Tessel


  1. ARM mbed
  2. FreeRTOS
  3. OpenWrt
  4. Snappy Ubuntu
  5. Tiny OS
  6. Windows 10 IoT Core


  1. Apple HomeKit
  2. Astarte
  3. Blynk
  4. Eclipse Smarthome
  5. Freedomotic
  6. Kura
  7. OpenHAB
  8. Home Assistant
  9. Lightwright MQTT Machine Network
  10. IOTA

read more in the following list.

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