Open Project Journey: Door Open Notification (Part 1) – Project Goals and Materials


When sitting on your PC, say you are working on a big project or just writing code for fun. The door to your room is closed and you are facing the other side of your room so you are not looking directly at your door. Obviously you have your headphones in. We tend to work best with music! The problem begins when you are focused on writing your code and you got this beautiful train of thoughts and all of the sudden your wife, friend, roommate, mom or someone walks into the room OR knocks on the room and you did hear or see them.

They tap you on the shoulder to get your attention and BAMM!! All your thoughts are scattered and your train of thought crashes. Also, if you have anxiety, like myself, your whole body will shake.

Proposed Solution

We need to solve this. One way to solve this problem is by using IoT!

We have two main players here: the door and the PC. How do we make both communicate with one another. I would like to have my door tell my PC that someone opened the door OR someone is knocking on the door.

Let’s tackle one player at a time:


We would need:

  • MCU
  • RF Transmitter
  • Battery
  • Hall Effect Sensor
  • Piezo Element
  • Magnet


  • MCU
  • RF Receiver
  • Client Application on PC

The theory is as follows in drawing, because I like drawings:

First things first, since this is just a theory and a design. We need to test it out by buying all the development tools we need to test this out on a breadboard. Here is the materials list (shopping list) for what you need to follow through with this project.

Shopping List:

Part NameEst. CostLink to Buy
Active Piezo Buzzer (DC 3-24V) – 2pcs (we only need one but this is a good deal!)$ 5.99Amazon
AiTrip Digispark Kickstarter ATtiny85 MCU – (testing this out, its tiny and should do what we need it to do) 5pcs$ 12.89Amazon
HiLetgo 5 set 433MHz Transmitter and Receiver Kit (they come in 5 sets, only need one but its a good deal so why not)$ 7.49Amazon
Hall Effect Sensor Module $ 5.99Amazon
PC MCU – Use an Arduino! $ 12.98 Amazon

Alright! So I made my purchases and you should too. Once all materials come in, we will begin the second part of this project journey. Stay frosty!

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