IoT Simplified and ANZU One Partner Up to Bring you #KnockKnock

It is with great pleasure that I get to announce our partnership with ANZU One, a technology consulting company, to bring to life an IoT Vibrations Door Sensor.

David Griffin, of ANZU One, reached out to me via our TikTok channel about collaborating on bringing to the market the KnockKnock IoT sensor. I was very happy to have met him and that is when we decided to kickoff the project since mid-August. We conducted designs and testing during this month and prepared the plan to launch on Kickstarter.

Let’s talk a little about what #KnockKnock is. In simple terms, it is a vibrations and magnetic sensor that is attached on any door to keep your privacy in check. The device is battery powered and connects to the internet. If someone knocks on your door while you are listening to music, then the module would immediately alert you on all your devices.

With KnockKnock you can rest assured that you are in privacy at all times when in your room or work space. The idea came to me when I was deeply focused on writing code, a firmware to be specific for a another project. I had my headphones on and my music was super loud, of course, you have to jam to some epic music when writing epic code. Little did I know that my sister was knocking on my room door and I forgot to lock the door. She opens the door and walks to me to stand over my shoulders. Obviously at this time I am still unaware that she is in the room, or if even someone was knocking the door. To get my attention she taps on my shoulders and shocks me in my seat, heart rate was through the roof. Anyways, I lost track of what I was working on and had lost over 40 mins after speaking with my sister about something that took less than a minute. That 40 mins could have been saved.

So I sat down and made the following TikTok series:


Do you ever have this problem too? Part 1 ##smartdoor

♬ original sound – ElectroAhmed

You should follow me and continue watching the series!

This is when David discovered me and contacted me about possibly more than just my self are struggling with this issue. Of course, we cannot be selfish with our ideas so it was time to start releasing to people.

You can now get your own #KnockKnock thanks to Kickstarter. We have officially launched the campaign two days ago and we are more than excited to see where we can take KnockKnock. If you know someone who is struggling through this and would really benefit from this product please show them the Kickstarter page.

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