setup esp32

How to Setup ESP32 on Windows using ESP-IDF and CMake

This step by step procedure will show you how to install and setup ESP-IDF development framework for developing ESP32 applications.

Manufacturing image

Image Object Detection Sorting to Assist Plastic Recycling Facilities

It is of most importance that recycling of plastic is done as efficient as possible so that the costs of recycled plastic pellets would be less costly than the virgin plastic pellets. As we know, the current virgin plastics are decreasing in costs and therefore would make it harder for recycling facilities to compete.

Weather Data Monitoring for Crops and Livestock

IoT Data Monitoring for Crops is the new wave of devices that will enable farmers better predict changes in the weather. You own a small business and one of your most important assets is a couple of acres land that you use primarily for growing crops. One of your worst enemies is the weather. It can cause delays, discomfort for livestock, and sometimes major damage to the business. Can you ever avoid this? Will there ever be a solution?

IoT Data Collection aiming to Make Smarter Business Decisions

As a business owner you want your business to always strive. To maintain profitability, a company owner must make big business decisions. Some come at high risks, possibly big failures. How can you prevent bad decisions from your list of options using your existing systems?