Smart and Connected Inventory System for Storage Units

Concept Description Compact connected device that attaches on the racks of storage units to help keep track of inventorySupplies can be assigned a number of units to start with and the device will count down every time an item is…

pcb assembly machine

Internet of Things (IoT) New Device Development and Road Map to Production

It can be very frustrating when looking around the internet for specific answers regarding the hardware development of an IoT device, what it would take to get it to the production lines? Many devices do not make it to the production lines because they tend to move too fast or too slow and not follow a road map.

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Is Internet of Things (IoT) the next big thing?

It's hard to say if IoT is THE next big thing but one thing is for sure, IoT is going to be a big deal. With estimates predicting the number of connected devices to reach a monstrous figure of over 20 billion by 2025, its no wonder many people are wanting to figure out what exactly fits under this IoT umbrella.