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Open Project Journey: Door Open Notification Device

Our open project journey has begun, with our first project teaching you how to make a door notification device that would send you a notification the minute someone opens your door or knocks on your door. Say goodbye to people standing over your shoulders!

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Can a Piezo Buzzer be Used to Spy on People through Walls and Doors?

Piezo Elements can be used to detect vibrations or make vibrations. Our human voices are vibrations that travel best through mediums such as walls and doors. What if the Piezo Element can be used to detect those vibrations through doors and walls? That is what we are exploring! Come along and contribute.

IoT Simplified and ANZU One Partner Up to Bring you #KnockKnock

Get notified about visitors at your room, or when the door is being opened. Based on Arduino.

Exposed PCB device

Most Simplified IoT Architecture you Can Build Today

By looking at the big picture of how an IoT is structured, you are able to make better decisions. Come along as we explore the four stages of building a cost effective and reliable IoT network from the white board.

low angle view of spiral staircase against black background

Technology is an art and hence it needs admiration.

IoT News & Updates

The Wireless World

As technology grows exponentially a big part of the discussion is starting to revolve around convenience. To accommodate this there is almost no doubt that wireless technology is the future, but can our devices ever be truly wireless?

IoT Industry Overview

Since we talk a lot about the scope and potential of IoT devices I thought it would be useful to provide a brief overview of how this industry is shaping up based on research. It is important to know where your industry is heading before you invest significant resources into it.

IoT Security

Recently I have read a few articles regarding the safety concerns of connected devices. These articles usually have very jaw dropping headlines making disastrous claims regarding the safety of the devices being used. To not oversell the safety concern while also not undermining it I thought a brief post regarding the most common safety threats as well as the best way to mitigate them was in order.

IoT for Managers and Business Owners

IoT is the next big thing and number of companies researching and developing IoT products are increasing. This increase has spread the awareness of phrase Internet of Things or IoT, but majority doesn’t know what that is and how can IoT improve business operations.

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