The Wireless World

As technology grows exponentially a big part of the discussion is starting to revolve around convenience. To accommodate this there is almost no doubt that wireless technology is the future, but can our devices ever be truly wireless?

IoT Security

Recently I have read a few articles regarding the safety concerns of connected devices. These articles usually have very jaw dropping headlines making disastrous claims regarding the safety of the devices being used. To not oversell the safety concern while also not undermining it I thought a brief post regarding the most common safety threats as well as the best way to mitigate them was in order.

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Is Internet of Things (IoT) the next big thing?

It's hard to say if IoT is THE next big thing but one thing is for sure, IoT is going to be a big deal. With estimates predicting the number of connected devices to reach a monstrous figure of over 20 billion by 2025, its no wonder many people are wanting to figure out what exactly fits under this IoT umbrella.