Man using a CAD tool to design the electric scooter Kumpan 1954 Ri.

Designed an Embedded Device, What about the Enclosure?

So you just finished designing and prototyping your embedded device. The journey does not end here yet. It is of at most importance that the next step would be where you would store your PCB hardware. Most PCBs are stored in what is called an "enclosure." Let us explore some ways to design an enclosure.

Manufacturing image

Image Object Detection Sorting to Assist Plastic Recycling Facilities

It is of most importance that recycling of plastic is done as efficient as possible so that the costs of recycled plastic pellets would be less costly than the virgin plastic pellets. As we know, the current virgin plastics are decreasing in costs and therefore would make it harder for recycling facilities to compete.

IoT Data Collection aiming to Make Smarter Business Decisions

As a business owner you want your business to always strive. To maintain profitability, a company owner must make big business decisions. Some come at high risks, possibly big failures. How can you prevent bad decisions from your list of options using your existing systems?

pcb assembly machine

Internet of Things (IoT) New Device Development and Road Map to Production

It can be very frustrating when looking around the internet for specific answers regarding the hardware development of an IoT device, what it would take to get it to the production lines? Many devices do not make it to the production lines because they tend to move too fast or too slow and not follow a road map.