Find your Passion in IoT Technology

It is hard to answer to “What are you passionate about?” So we found IoT Simplified to help you figure out the answer to that one complex question with a simple approach. Doing. Doing. Doing.

Solve real-world problems through experimentations and benefit from the priceless knowledge you will earn.

Teaching techniques to the community that would enable all of us to contribute to Industry 4.0

Using the Scientific Method to run experiments that are publicly available for anyone to contribute

We start the experimentation and it is up to you to finish and add more data to either support the theory or disprove the theory

How do I start experimenting?

Anyone can join. Anyone can become an experimenter and a contributor to our ever-expanding community of makers, engineers, scientists, and enthusiasts.

Step 1

Sign up to be a member contributor.

Step 2

Go to our Experimentations page and browse through our currently running experiments.

Step 3

Find an experiment that interests you. If you do not find one that is of interest to you, please contact us and we will be more than happy to work with you to start experiments collaboratively.

Step 4

Read the experiment and the section labeled “Further Improvements to the Experiment Needed from our Members” in the experiment article. Note down the problems that need your solution.

Step 5

Begin your solution’s experimentation and record your experiment.

Step 6

Post your article regarding your finds and your results. Evaluate whether your results contradicts the theory or support it.

Done! You have successfully contributed to an open sourced experiment procedure. The world will be able to benefit from this new knowledge and you have gained priceless and valuable skills and knowledge.

Benefits for You

I remember when I first started learning on my own. It was very daunting and the only way I was able to really learn was through experimentation and trial and error. I wanted to solve problems but sometimes it can be very hard to find the problems to solve when you are so focused on learning the skills to solve problems. So I was stuck in a cycle. I thought of IoT Simplified as a solution to this problem to those people like me that would like to simplify the world we live in with technologies, but they do not know where to start. Here is your first step.

  • Learn by doing and solving real-world problems
  • Anyone at any age can be a contributor
  • You will have a chance to be hired by one of the top tech companies that will be able to review your profile to see all your innovative contributions
  • We give you access to resources such as:
    • Mentors
    • Professors 
    • Engineers
    • Peers 
    • and more…
  • All your ideas matter, no matter how “bad” you think they are
  • Get a chance to be promoted to be a full-time contributor for IoT Simplified and earn big
  • Expand your network and connections
  • Continue to have an updated set of skills that are always valuable in the market

Connect. Build. Grow. Simple.