Can a Piezo Buzzer be Used to Spy on People through Walls and Doors?

Piezo Elements can be used to detect vibrations or make vibrations. Our human voices are vibrations that travel best through mediums such as walls and doors. What if the Piezo Element can be used to detect those vibrations through doors and walls? That is what we are exploring! Come along and contribute.

an open red flush door

Open Project Journey: Door Open Notification (Part 2) – Breadboard Prototype and Arduino Code

Remember to read Part 1 first before following. Now that we have all the materials that were ordered from Amazon. The next step is to test our theory by using the breadboard and a simple Arduino code. An overall flowchart…

Man using a CAD tool to design the electric scooter Kumpan 1954 Ri.

Designed an Embedded Device, What about the Enclosure?

So you just finished designing and prototyping your embedded device. The journey does not end here yet. It is of at most importance that the next step would be where you would store your PCB hardware. Most PCBs are stored in what is called an "enclosure." Let us explore some ways to design an enclosure.